ST CES Complement Event
Day One
Jan. 12
Day Two
Jan. 13
Day Three
Jan. 14
to get together

Over 20 live sessions with Q&A so you can ask the questions that matter for you

50 ST experts available to connect with you during the Live Days

More than 80 products and solutions to address your challenges, available 24/7 during and after the Live Days

As we cannot get together at CES 2021, we are hosting the ST CES Complement Event to share our latest innovations, to meet with you and answer all your questions.

Starting January 11, we will share our latest solutions for your projects addressing the end-markets of Industrial, Automotive, Personal Electronics and Communications Equipment, Computers & Peripherals (CECP).

These key topics will be introduced during three live online events. The countdown has started – we look forward to meeting you!

Our technology starts with You.

Day One
12 th January 2021
11:00 AM EST
80 minutes
Asset Tracking
  • Long Range connectivity with Sub-1 GHz transceiver
  • Long range with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 SoC
  • Asset tracking with and NFC Sensor Tag
  • Data logging of sensor node data using NFC
1:00 PM EST
60 minutes
  • Ultra wideband technology for industrial RTLS
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh
  • Low latency multiple connections network with BlueNRG-LP
3:00 PM EST
80 minutes
MEMS & Sensors
  • Condition monitoring for data center and industrial fans
  • Qeexo AutoML on ST's development kits
  • Dynamic inclinometer for antenna positioning (ISM330DHCX)
  • Static inclinometer for industrial and structural monitoring
Day Two
13 th January 2021
11:00 AM EST
60 minutes
Motor Control?
  • Compact reference design for power tools with STSPIN32F0
  • Precision motor control for robotics with STSPIN32F0
  • New STDRIVE101: Triple half-bridge driver for LV motors
12:00 PM EST
60 minutes
STM32 - AI and HMI?
  • Face-recognition based on STM32H7 and FP-AI-FACEREC1
  • Natural language voice recognition - from Sensory
  • STM32 Alexa IoT reference design
1:00 PM EST
100 minutes
Infotainment, Body & Positioning
  • E-mobility with Teseo-VIC3 & DRUM positioning
  • Precise GNSS Positioning with Teseo-5
  • MEMS micro-mirrors enable LeddarTech automotive LiDAR
  • Digital car audio solutions
  • NFC keyfob or NFC smart phone to interface with your vehicle
3:00 PM EST
80 minutes
Car Electrification
  • Advances in Silicon Carbide increasing power density
  • 15 kW Vienna rectifier with digital control reference design
  • Stellar virtualization in high performance MCUs
  • Chorus automotive MCU family with OTA update support
Day Three
14 th January 2021
11:00 AM EST
80 minutes
Personal Electronics
  • Social distancing with BlueNRG
  • Activity Recognition on IMU with Machine Learning Core
  • Laser beam scanning solutions for Augmented Reality
  • Vertical positioning with ST barometers and Nextnav SW
1:00 PM EST
100 minutes
Industrial IoT
  • Contactless 60 GHz link for 360 degree USB & PoE camera
  • New hybrid Power Line Communication & RF connectivity
  • Versatile IO-Link transceiver for factory automation
  • NFC as contactless user interface
  • Program, track & identify throughout manufacturing
3:00 PM EST
100 minutes
  • GaN: reinventing power
  • Benefits of cascode GaN transistors
  • Power delivery for data center and cloud computing
  • High power wireless charger for power tools
  • SiC MOSFET totem pole digital PFC with SCR inrush current limiter
during the 3 Live Days
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Videos, on-demand webinars and resources will be available in the virtual exhibit hall during and after the Live Days. Our experts will be connected during the Live Days to answer your questions, so feel free to reach out to us!
Personal Electronics & CECP
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